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Great emphasis is laid on discipline and character building and students are expected to maintain a high standard of discipline in and outside the College campus.

The students admitted to the college must abide by all such regulations as prescibed by the college authority. Violation of rules may lead to severe punishment and even expulsion from the college.

Gossiping and loitering either in the verandah or the class room are strictly prohibited when classes or examinations are going on.

Intoxicants, Smoking and Spitting in the class rooms are strictly prohibited and punishable.

Postering or writing on the walls or blackboards of the college is strictly prohibited.

Property of the college is the property of all. Damage of any property by anybody will lead to severe punishment.

Regularity and punctuality in classes must be maintained. Irregularities, misbehaviour, violence and disobedience towards the teachers or authority by any students is punishable.

Violation of rules and regulations and committing any offence which will jeopardize the interest and smooth administration of the college, will lead to severe punishment and the MANAGEMENT will have full power to control it. The decision of the MANAGEMENT in this respect is binding and final.


All the students must attend the college in the following prescribed uniform-

For Boys:

  1. Shirt: Light Biscuit-N
  2. Pant: Coffee

For Girls:

  1. Dokhona: Coffee
  2. Blouse : Light Biscuit-N
  3. Chunni/Urna/Dopatta: Light Biscuit-N
  4. Salwar: Coffee
  5. Kameez : Light Biscuit-N
N.B.- Footwear: Black for all


  1. Using of mobile phone in class rooms/examination halls is Strictly Prohibited and the authority can take any disciplinary action in this matter.