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Department of English

::Department of English::

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English is the most widely used language for international communication. It is because of globalisation and the development of free-market economy.

The quality of the classroom language is bound up with the quality of learning. Language development and conceptual development are therefore inextricably linked. Thought requires language and therefore language acts both as a psychological tool that helps a learner to form thought as well as a mental function in itself.

With reference to science education, research findings indicate that language, in all its forms, matters to science education. It is not just the language in itself but rather what educators do with language inadvertently affects. How the learner uses the language is fundamental to the learning of science.

Literature suggests that one of the important features of science is the richness of the words and terms it uses. Students also need to at some point be able to advance into abstract thought with the use of language, if they are to master key scientific concept.


The department of English commenced since inception of the college in 1995 for English is a core subject.


The department conducts several programmes like recitation, essay competition and debate competition etc. A UGC sponsored National Seminar on Disaster Management Through Teaching Curriculum was held in the year 2010-11 under the banner of English Department.