::Department of Botany::

Departmental Profile :

The Botany department of Science College,Kokrajhar is given equal emphasis on teaching, research and extension activities for the shake of faculty development. All Professors are qualified and well experienced. Ongoing research projects sponsored by Govt. agencies, GOI are the merit of the said department. Title of the research project undertaken by the faculty members are:

  • i. UGC funded major project entitled “Study of Wild Edible Fruits their fruiting phenology and Determination of Nutritive value at Ripu-Chirang reserve forest” under the investigation of Prof. Sanjib Brahma
  • ii. UGC funded minor project entitled “Study and nutritional analysis of wild edible plants consumed by the BODO communities of Kokrajhar district” by Prof. Jahnovi Brahma
  • iii. UGC funded minor project entitled “Study on Germination and Growth of Citrus (L.) spp. of Kokrajhar District, BTAD, Assam” by Dr. Mohesh Gogoi

Remarkable developmental activities:

Department of Botany Science College Kokrajhar is one of the oldest department which has been achieved the best department award for its scholarly activities and brilliant performance shown by the students. Since inception the department is looking forward for quality development of student as well as faculty members. The department has organized Save Earth Nature Clubto create conducive environment to encourage learning botany more perfectly.

The 3rd issue of wall magazine MITHINGAhas been published on August 2011. It can be considered as mouthpiece to publish scientific write-up along with departmental activities and it helps to grow awareness among the students.

Developing Waste Recycling Plant of Science College Kokrajhar is another credit of Botany department which was initiated by Dr. Mohesh Gogoi and funded by NAAC, Science College, Kokrajhar. Moreover botany department is creating an Experimental Botanical Garden as well as gene repository in one bigha land at the aim of conservation of rare and valuable plant species found in BTC area.