::College Facilities::

College Canteen :

A hygienic canteen is housed infront of the College providing Breakfast, Lunch, Tea and Snacks to students Faculty and Staff members at cheap rate.

A.C Class Rooms :

Provisions of separate Block : A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I under various departments is under construction. Class rooms are well-furnished & air conditioned shown in the picture.

UGC Network Resource Centre :

University Grants Commission funded UGC Network Resource Centre was set up in 2010. All types of Networking Information can be availed.

A.C. Central Library:

Apart from the departmental Libraries there is a Central AC Library occupies (1st Floor) on the Administrative Building at total Floor area more than 6,000 Sq.ft. The reading Room can accommodate at least 200 students for Self study. All the functions of the Library is Computerised with adequte numbers of Journals & Books.

A.C. Conference Hall (Inside) :

The AC Conference Hall is basically for holding meetings of Staff & Governing Body. A provision of 40 members can accommodate in a meeting at a time.

Indoor Sports Complex :

UGC funded Indoor Sports Complex is Wel-equipped with Sports & Gym materials, Table Tennis, Badminton, Spaces are available. Adjacent to it GYM Practice Room with full assets are installed.