::Department of Chemistry::

Departmental Profile :


Established in the year 1995, the Department of Chemistry has been imparting Chemistry major and general courses to the students through its ongoing B. Sc. programmes. The academic programme of the Department is according to the curriculum designed by Gauhati University.

Experimental Facilities:

The following equipments are available in the department ~
  1. UV-Visible Spectrophotometer,

  2. Rotary Vacuum Evaporator,

  3. Digital Balance,

  4. Digital Water and Soil Testing Kit,

  5. Polarimeter,

  6. Magnetic stirrer,

  7. Melting point apparatus,

  8. Hot air Oven, 

  9. Digital Conductometer,

  10. Digital pH meter,

  11. Water Bath,

  12. Centrifuge machine,

  13. Blander,

  14. Normal Physical Chemistry equipments etc.

Laboratory: The Department has three laboratories with required amount of facilities.

Other facilities available:

  1. Department has one library with adequate number of books which are issued to the student according to their needs.

Projects running at the Department:

UGC Sponsored Minor Research Project:

  1. Uptake of Pesticide and their residues by the fruits and Vegetables Grown in Assam, (India).
  2. Synthesis, characterization and physiochemical properties of polyester ionomer.

Permanent project of the department:

Soil & Water Testing Centre: The Department of Chemistry Science College, Kokrajhar is running a Soil Testing Centre for agricultural soil.

Coordinator: Mr. Biswajit Nath, M. Sc., M. Phil.
Joint Coordinator: Mr. Mehdi Al Kausor, M.Sc, M.Phil, B.Ed

Chemical Society:

The department runs one Society in the name Chemical Society, Science College, Kokrajhar and involved in deferent academic and Education related activities of the students.

News Board:

The department published a quarterly News Board with latest News on Chemistry and Chemical Research as well as chemistry related with society.

Wall Magazine:

The department published one yearly wall magazine under the banner of Chemical Society, Science College,Kokrajhar and published topics of students and Assistant Professors.


The Department offers major in Chemistry and Chemistry general in Semester system of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) from Gauhati University.

Departmental Activities undertaken in the year:

  • Organized Departmental Seminar for the faculty members as well as for the students regularly.

  • Organized a workshop on the topic- “Common Laboratory Techniques” in October, 2011.

  • Organized Workshop on the Topic “Soil Testing” on October 2011. Department runs one News Board, updated quarterly.

  • Organized work shop on “Common Laboratory Techniques” on 22nd of February 2012 in Hall 1 of Science College,Kokrajhar.